Hello, World.

I’m so excited that you found my little bit of the Internets.


I started this blog way back in April 2008, back when it was on good old blogger.com.

Ah, 2008. Remember those days? Before the financial crisis, before I got engaged, before my husband (Paul) went to law school and before we got serious about our financial future.

Everything in retrospect seems so lovely and idyllic, yet I have no doubt that in 8 more years, 2016 will look like a cake-walk.

So much has changed since I started the blog in 2008; Paul went to law school, we got married, we backpacked through Cuba, Mexico and South America for 3 months, and we dived into our finances like never before.

Now we have even greater adventures for 2016 planned: a move to NYC for Paul to take a dream job, a baby on the way and business plans galore. It all seems like a bit too much, but also like everything is going to work out.

I’m excited to share how we got to where we are, and were we plan to go. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s mostly been fun — and having thought about it long and hard, I’m convinced that’s because of the the attitude that we have as we approach the challenges.

Let’s go! :)

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