Celebrate it All

My husband and I came up with our own funny little ritual that we started many, many years ago to celebrate our accomplishments…

Each time we paid off another $10,000 in debt (so. many. school. loans), we’d make sure to savor the moment by sharing some champagne.

I can totally get why that might seem like we’re not moving in the right direction! But here’s the thing: spending the $10 on a bottle of champagne to celebrate a much bigger milestone not only gave us something to look forward to, it was a reminder to both of us that we were on the right track.

We’ve been using that philosophy as we move through life, and it has made everything so much more fun!

Haha, not that every celebration is with champagne, but as we accomplish something tricky, or difficult, or that we realllllllllly haven’t wanted to do, we’ll mark the occasion, and it has made life so much sweeter.

Are there small celebrations that you have or things you do when you accomplish a goal? We’ve really found that celebrating it makes us look that much more forward to the next goal!

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