English as a Second Language

Speaking Spanish in our home to our children has been one of the most difficult and rewarding decisions as a parent.

As some background, I studied English in college, loved to write long, rambling papers and read everything I could get my hands on.

Poetry, sonnets, playing with words and language are some of my favorite things to do. But in many ways, I’ve given that up for the time being so my kids are fully immersed in Spanish.

It has been hard. I have mourned the lack of silly rhymes and laughing over how some words mean different things (“I” vs “eye”)…

But on the other hand, to hear them easily speak a language that I still struggle with on a daily basis after speaking it for over 25 years, is amazing.

I honestly do feel like helping them learn Spanish (along with their huge, loving family), is one of the very best gifts I can give them.

And, as an unexpected side bonus: utterly melting as I hear my kids try to sound their way through English words.

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