I remember that I used to feel really intimated by money. That talking about it, learning about it, wanting to know what I was doing about it, felt…bad.

And I didn’t know why — and perhaps, still don’t know why. But there seems (at least to me!) to be a culture around not talking about money too loudly, or too confidently.

But here’s the thing — we all use money! Every day, most likely — and the more control and deeper understanding of it that we have, we’re empowered to make better decisions.

I’ve thought so many times about not wanting to have to worry about money — but here’s the thing; if we spend a bit of time, maybe not “worrying” but certainly thinking about money, then we can create a plan or a roadmap to get us to where we want to go.

Now, to be clear, I’m not a financial expert, and I’m not offering financial advice (!), but — if you’re not already thinking about how to leverage your cash, maybe this will be the nudge to get you going in that direction.

And who knows where that will lead…

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