Getting Started

Sometimes I wonder why the first step is the hardest (at least for me?) — I’ll know what I want to do, and what I want to achieve, but sometimes actually getting from the idea to the doing of the idea takes so much time.

In my more generous moments, I like to think that it’s because my mind is simmering with the idea and thinking it over…how best to do it, etc. In my less generous moments, I think I’m being very lazy! But, the thinking of the laziness doesn’t encourage me to get going, either.

I’ve read The Power of Habits and other books that talk about the ideas around getting stuff done, and maybe this is just a condensed version of all of those books, but I’ve found just taking the first step is sometimes the best way to get where you want to go.

Now: I totally get that being ready for that first step can be a process in itself, so sometimes I’ll tease myself that it’s only just…whatever the thing is. Then, moments into starting that process, I find I’m enjoying whatever it was! And what a relief, and a joy, to enjoy.

What are you putting off these days? It’s so easy to do, but that first step can really get you going!

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