Meal Hack: Dinner in 5!

I have lots of hungry hippos in this house! Specifically, three small humans who want something to eat NOW and it should be DELICIOUS and it should already be HERE, and HERE is in my STOMACH and since it is not we will throw collective TANTRUMS until the FOOD IS THERE BUT NOW WE DON’T WANT FOOD SO…

And so parenting goes! How many evenings I’ve lost the dinner battle to tears and tantrums because I put the pasta on five minutes too late, or scrambled the eggs instead of fried them. There are a million different ways to mess up parenting (but, as some of the best advice I’ve heard said, you have another chance) but not having food when those hungry bellies are ready is a certain recipe for disaster.

SO! What to feed these people that will satisfy them and make me feel like I’m living up to my “feeding kids good food” ideal, while also being done before they realize there isn’t food in front of them?


Shredded cucumbers over hummus, on wraps, cut up into pieces.

Does that sound complicated? Please, let me assure you, it is not.

Now, a recipe developer I am not, but this I can explain to you. You will need:

Hummus, a cucumber, tortilla wraps.

  1. Get a bowl, use a mandoline, shred the cucumber into matchsticks. Have the kids watch the magic happen!
  2. Lay out a tortilla on a cutting board.
  3. Spread hummus on the tortilla.
  4. Sprinkle cucumbers on top.
  5. Roll up the tortilla.
  6. If you’re up for it, cut the tortilla into smaller pieces so it is easier to hold.
  7. Voila! You have dinner, and a good, easy dinner at that! With veggies! And protein! And minimum clean up!

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