Short Red Nails

The funniest thing happened to me recently…I’ve realized that I find short, red nails utterly captivating! It’s a beauty habit I’d love to adopt more, and I’m not sure why!

I grew up with my mom always painting her nails, and honestly, taking meticulous care of her nails. She rarely swore, but when she did, it usually meant that she had broken a nail.

These days, I keep my nails short out of necessity, but also because they’ve never grown that long. As a result, I’ve never paid that much time or attention to having my nails painted.

In addition, I’m not crazy about all the chemicals that are in nail polish, or the smell.

But: red, glossy (short!!!) nails?! That’s a style that I find captivating and sexy.

Now…to only get it on properly!

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